"From the moment we committed to this project, we wanted to go above and beyond a simple sporting event, in order to turn the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games into a real opportunity for our nation. Every day this ambition is shared with all the constituents of our candidacy: first comes, naturally, the athletes themselves, add to them public institutions, financial partners, local communities & groups and last but not least our French citizens. The French people are an integral part of the construction of our project, through the process of nation-wide consultation that is taking place as part of our candidacy. Through their involvement, expertise and passion, everyone in the country is contributing to enhancing our candidacy, in a spirit of social and technological advancement. Dealing with issues related to the environment and our legacy, innovation will feed this ambition. Indeed, innovation is at the very heart of our candidacy. It is also at the heart of our project, at all levels. As an example of this, we will make the 5000 dwellings to be constructed a veritable laboratory for sustainable innovation. We will transform our regions and, in doing so, better respond to the expectations of our local populations. We will reinvent the city of tomorrow. We will offer sites that are 100% accessible to the disabled.
In order to do this, Paris 2024 is reaching out to French savoir-faire in the sector. France’s innovation sector is incredibly rich, dynamic and talented. Today we are renowned throughout the world for our ecosystem of innovation, witnessed by the presence of the French Tech network all over French soil. Paris makes for a stunning showcase in the field of technological know-how – with more than 40 incubators, 80 co-working spaces, not to mention the nearly 1500 startups created every year. Paris is experiencing extra-ordinary dynamism, garnering the envy and acknowledgement in international rankings. This is backed up by its status as world capital for “Intellectual Capital and Innovation” (Cities of Opportunity rankings, PwC, May 2014). With Le Cargo (the biggest incubator in Europe), Le Tremplin (a sports-focused innovation platform) and the imminent opening of La Halle Freyssinet and its 1000 startups, Paris is looking to consolidate its position as world capital for innovation, focusing on excellence and internationalization. This talent, this wealth, this unique know-how, we would like to value them in the guise of a Call for Proposals in the field of innovation.
We need you to unleash your potential and propose a project that is useful, different – one that will bring about sustainable change in our country and will help us to win, on the 13th of September 2017, the right to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s your turn to contribute to the candidacy project by answering the call. It is only by working together that we will win – get on board!"

Though it may be impossible to predict exactly how innovation will have transformed our society by 2024, current technology and usages already provide us with an idea of what the most interactive, most “experiential” and quite simply the “smartest” Olympic and Paralympic Games will look like. As such, it is fundamental to take into account these transformations from the very outset of Paris’ candidacy for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Above all, mobilizing actors in innovation from all over the world constitutes a major asset in Paris’ candidacy. The initiatives that enhance the proposal will no doubt distinguish Paris from all the other candidates.

With this in mind, the public interest grouping (GIP) “Paris 2024” is launching an innovation project called “Smart Paris 2024”, driven by the firms Algoe and NUMA. Paris 2024’s approach is designed to be open and agile in order to integrate all forms of innovation. The bid package itself is just one step in the innovation process, which will only accelerate leading up to 2024 (if Paris is elected as the host city for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games) and will have implications beyond the Games (legacy).

The main goal of the project “Smart Paris 2024” consists in identifying, mobilizing and analyzing all the sources of innovation which improve:

  • the experience for the spectators and participants in the Games (functions, use cases and services provided for the athletes, spectators, media outlets, delegations, partners and all local residents);
  • the quality of the sites, facilities and organization;
  • the involvement of the French citizenry, starting from the candidacy process, through the preparation phases and during the Games themselves;
  • the security, accessibility and atmosphere of the Games;
  • the legacy of the Games – providing a positive environmental, social and economic footprint.

By simultaneously addressing startups, SMEs, large corporations and non-profits from all over the world, “Smart Paris 2024 is adopting a stance that is open to all fields of innovation: mobility, security, environment, sport, retail, urban planning, leisure, spectator experience, tourism, collaboration… in order to make these Games an extraordinary worldwide event and a lever for the development of France as a nation. For further information on the potential innovative fields, visit our page on Themes.


This whole innovation process is designed as part of a calendar for Paris’ candidacy for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.